Vulture’s Apocalypse Now Blu-ray Contest: We Have Winners!


Thanks to everyone who took up our challenge to create stoned haikus inspired by Apocalypse Now. Your submissions expertly mixed wartime depravity and marijuana-motivated munchies. Picking two winners was grueling work (as Kurtz says, "It's judgment that defeats us"), but we eventually settled on the trippy poetry of Klash69 and Merlin99, who managed to turn the film's delirious dialogue into something on a higher plane. Read the winner's poesy after the jump.

Boat ride to Darkness
A grocer's Errand Boy
Snail across Razor

With the reefer men
On Du Long bridge, up on high
launch grenade from bong

Thanks for playing! And remember the soldiers' important advice: Always sit on your helmets! Why? "So we don't get our balls blown off."