What’s Happening with NBC’s Comedy Lineup?


So, NBC went ahead and ordered a full season of Outsourced, which, OK. But worse than more mediocre comedy being ordered is what it might mean for NBC’s Thursday night lineup. Because as you are probably well aware, Outsourced came in and took Parks and Recreation’s spot. So if it got extended for a full season, where is Parks and Rec going to fit?

With only four spots on that Thursday night lineup, this means that either Parks and Rec or Community are getting the axe to make room for Outsourced or the comedy night is expanding beyond Thursdays. And with lots of other cancellations and mid-season shows coming in, another night of comedy shows on NBC makes sense. I just hope they don’t orphan a great show like Parks and Rec with a lousy time slot that makes it harder for them to get the ratings they need to stay on the air. They didn’t have amazing ratings last year, and yanking them from the solid Thursday night lineup won’t help things.