Glee vs. YouTube: Who Did Tina Turner’s ‘River Deep, Mountain High’ Best?


Sam and Quinn may have won the duet competition, but the standout number on last night's Glee was clearly Diva Mercedes and Diva Santana's rendition of Ike and Tina Turner's diva classic, "River Deep, Mountain High." They had everything: the frantic dance moves, the brassy backup, and the pipes to blow the roof off the choir room. But — did they have enough to compete with the entire Internet?

View the competition after the jump and tell us, who did it best?

As Performed By

Annie Lennox

Our mother may have had that dress in the nineties. Much as we love our mother, she is not as cool as Annie Lennox.

As Performed By

The Easybeats

Beatles look-alikes performing a song originally produced by Phil Spector. How were these guys not huge?

As Performed By

Xavier High School Xuberance

An actual show choir!

As Performed By

USC Reverse Osmosis

Exhibiting the full range of human facial expressions and hand gestures.

As Performed By

The Ten Tenors

In order to compare to Santana and Mercedes, please divide by five.

As Performed By

Santana and Mercedes

They's be's goin'—to Breadstix.