With ‘Firework’ Video, Katy Perry Is Not Done Shooting Things Out of Her Breasts


Serious question: Why does Katy Perry want to shoot things out of her breasts all the time? This may sound like a non-serious question, but please recall that "Peacock," Perry's paean to the penis ("I want to see your peacock/cock/cock"), may very well be her next video. If it's going to follow in the footsteps of "California Gurls," in which Perry strapped on a bra spring-loaded with whipped cream and ejaculated the contents all over candyland, and her new boobs-spewing-fireworks video for "Firework," we may all soon be subjected to a video of breasts shooting out really beautifully colored feathers! Like from a peacock! Anyway! In the video for "Firework," an overweight girl finds the inner strength to jump in a pool, a boy finds the inner strength to stop his parents from fighting, a cancer-stricken kid finds the strength to leave the hospital, and Katy Perry finds the inner strength to shoot fireworks out of her boobs while standing on the top of a building. We think the fireworks are actually coming out of her heart, but it’s impossible to tell until the end when lots of people joyously come together (including two kissing boys) for a wild rumpus and they have fireworks coming out of their hearts, as opposed to breasts. Despite the mammary glands of it all, there's nothing particularly tawdry or provocative in this video, it's just light-maudlin sentiment, bright colors, and a missed opportunity to investigate what a plastic bag really feels like. And then at the end Perry does a variation on the Molly Ringwald dance, so all is forgiven.