Wyclef Already Has an Album About Running for President in the Works


Community's Donald Glover has this one stand-up bit about how famous musicians who undergo tragedies can always take solace in the fact they will inevitably write highly publicized, Grammy-winning albums about their experience, and he specifically mentions Wyclef and the Haitian earthquake. Well, random Donald Glover stand-up bit, you just sort of came true! Two new tracks from Wyclef's upcoming album, If I Was President: The Haitian Experience (that is really the title), were released today; one is called “Death Threats” and the other is called “Election Time” (again — really). That said: This new stuff is not bad at all. We get a nice, crisp, sinister bounce from the production, and all manners of factually accurate, paranoiac lyrics that are so literal (From “Death Threats”: “They said they heard a rumor that I met with Aristide / and all I wanted to be was commander-in-chief”) you'll have to laugh just a little before appreciating the particular uniqueness of the situation. Either we've unfairly been ignoring the latter-day output of Mr. Jean, or this whole failed-election thing has rejuvenated the dude.

Download "Death Threats" and "Election Time" at Wyclef's Twitter.