A Tale of Two Adam Sandlers


Here’s the first trailer for Just Go With It, a new romantic comedy starring Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston and Brooklyn Decker. This is the second of two upcoming Sandler movies we know about, and they seem pretty different. But really, aren’t they pretty solid representations of the two types of movies Sandler is up for these days?

You’ve got a pretty standard-issue romantic comedy on one side (it stars Jennifer Aniston for chrissakes), in which Sandler plays a somewhat lovable douchebag trying to get the girl. On the other side with Jack and Jill, you’ve got a cringeworthy premise-based comedy where Sandler is playing both a brother and a sister, Eddie Murphy style.

So here’s the question: which is worse? If you had to sit through one of these movies, which would it be? The relatively sincere romcom or the lowest common denominator concept comedy? Not great options, I know, but this is what Sandler is offering you.