A Thriller-Era Michael Jackson Song Surfaces


Earlier this month, when the previously unseen video for 2003 single “One More Chance” was released, Vulture asked, “Is there anything from the eighties sessions in those vaults?” And the answer is — why yes, yes there is. “Much Too Soon,” the third single from Michael now available on some parts of the Internet, “was written at the time of Thriller,” according to MichaelJackson.com.” "Michael always liked the song and would pull it back out of the vaults for each subsequent album project but never found the right home for it; on the new album it finds its place as the bittersweet closing to the stellar collection.” The ballad is certainly the best of the posthumous batch, and certainly opens up the possibility that the MJ estate has one monster dance jam waiting to be unleashed right before the release of Michael. We'll be waiting!

Hear "Much Too Soon" via MichaelJackson.com.