Ace Ventura Director Tom Shadyac Has Given Away His Money


How do you follow up Evan Almighty, the 2007 Steve Carell underperformer said to be the most costly comedy ever? If you're director Tom Shadyac (who also helmed Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and Liar Liar), you just keep giving away gobs of money. The L.A. Times checked in with Shadyac, who hasn't made another Hollywood movie since Evan, and found that after a debilitating bike accident left him with post-concussion syndrome, he snapped out of his depression with a spiritual awakening that's led him to sell his mansion, downsize to a trailer park, and give away almost all of his fortune. "It’s already enough of a privilege to be an artist," Shadyac said. "We don’t need any more privileges." [Big Picture/LAT]