Al Franken Seeks Probe Into Whether Comcast Broke the Law by Announcing NBC-Comcast Leadership


Actor, former SNL star, and current junior United States senator from Minnesota Al Franken, a man who stands at the intersection of entertainment and politics, is asking the U.S. Justice Department to look into whether Comcast broke the law last week by announcing the proposed leadership for a merged NBC Universal–Comcast company. Since the proposed NBC-Comcast merger has yet to be approved, Comcast's announcement might have been "gun-jumping," or "purposefully or inadvertently triggering the exchange of competitively sensitive information pre-merge." Franken added: "By publicly announcing their intended managers of each component of NBC Universal, Comcast has effectively told employees at NBC Universal who their 'real bosses' are." But maybe he's just feeling territorial about his old stomping ground? [HR, Deadline]