Oscar Host Anne Hathaway on How She’d Tear James Franco’s Arm Off


When we spotted newly appointed Oscar host Anne Hathaway in the crowd at last night’s Gotham Awards at Cipriani Wall Street, we practically had to restrain ourselves from jumping her at her table and demanding answers about the new gig. Had she spoken to co-host James Franco yet? “I haven’t,” she said, “but I can’t say anything about that. I can only say I’m doing it. I can only say I’m excited.” Could she at least tell us what happened when she got the phone call? “I can’t say a word.”

So we turned to her tablemate, Focus Features boss James Schamus, to whom Hathaway presented a lifetime achievement award. Earlier we’d asked Schamus to come up with a bit for Hathaway and 127 Hours's Franco to perform at the Oscars. His suggestion: “I would actually just like to see her rip his arm off. You know, not even break it twice. Just rip it off. Finish the job.”

We both repeated the suggestion to Hathaway. “That’s perfect!” she exclaimed, lighting up so much we almost believe she was considering the idea. “It’ll have them in stitches!” Schamus declared. “Noted!” said Hathaway. “You don’t even have to rip off his real arm, if you don’t want,” we went on. “You could use a fake arm.” Hathaway’s face fell. “Fake arm? No way,” she said. “James is Method.”