See Anton Corbijn’s Photographs of Springsteen, Iggy Pop, Tom Waits, Alexander McQueen, and Others


On November 5, the Stellan Holm gallery will unveil "Inwards and Outwards," a series of recent portraits of musicians, artists, and other topline talents taken by Anton Corbijn. Though Dutch-born Corbijn has 2007’s Joy Division biopic Control, this year’s The American, more than 75 influential music videos, and numerous album covers to his credit, his initial fame and enduring passion remains photography. For "Inwards and Outwards," he shot on old-fashioned film on a handheld camera with available light and without assistants, and his intimate one-on-one encounters define their iconographic subjects — Tom Waits, Kate Moss, Bruce Springsteen, Iggy Pop, Alexander McQueen, and others — in new and sometimes startlingly unfamiliar ways. Vulture recently sat down with Corbijn so that he could tell us the stories behind this ten-image exclusive preview of the show. We quickly discovered that the photographer takes the old saw about every picture telling a story quite seriously. “I don’t narrate my photography,” Corbijn cautioned. “I want to transcend how the picture’s made. If you limit a picture to the reality of how it got made, you limit what people can get out of the picture. People can make their own story. It’s the opposite of movies, in a way.”