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twilight breaking dawn

Looks Like Bella and Edward’s Most Passionate Moment Will Be Filmed, After All

Bill Condon, director of the highly anticipated Twilight: Breaking Dawn, tweeted the first photo from the set yesterday, pictured. What appears to be just a pretty arm is much, much more: Breaking Dawn, as Twi-hards know, was reportedly banned from some middle schools for its explicit content. Namely, SPOILER: A honeymoon on Isle Esme, with sex so violent and amazing, Bella and Edward destroy the bed and the pillows! Feathers — pictured — are everywhere! So, is this Condon's way of confirming that the biting, pillow-destroying sex will, in fact, be filmed? Good news for fans, in that case! But that hand model must be pissed she wasn't called in for this shot. [Twitter via Movieline]

Photo: Twitter