Watch a Drunken Winona Ryder Accost Natalie Portman in This Exclusive Clip From Black Swan


In Black Swan, poor Natalie Portman gets it on all fronts: from her demanding ballet director (Vincent Cassel), her even more demanding mother (Barbara Hershey), and, in the film's most delicious bit of casting, from the over-the-hill prima ballerina whom she's essentially replaced (Winona Ryder). Vulture's got an exclusive clip of Ryder's most heated confrontation with Portman, where she implies that the fragile young ballerina has slept with Cassel for her plum lead role in Swan Lake. It's a scene so intense, Ryder says she had to send her co-star a note of apology afterwards. Enjoy, and put down that glass of bubbly — you're making a scene!