Blitz Trailer; or, Tommy Carcetti Is a Cop Killer


In the action-thriller Blitz, a cop killer with the nom de guerre Blitz, short for Blitzkreig, is loose in London, and it's up to Jason Statham's corner-cutting police officer to track him down by any means necessary. The whole thing would look like yet another paint-by-numbers, totally enjoyable, straightforwardly titled Jason Statham B-movie (with the plot, coincidentally, of a recent episode of Luther) were it not for the appearance of Irishman Aidan Gillen, a.k.a. The Wire's own Tommy Carcetti, as the aforementioned popo-murderer. Since his time in Baltimore's mayoral office, Carcetti has grown his hair out, started speaking with an accent, and begun evading police arrest without his shirt on, predictable side effects of being part of Maryland state government.