Bruce Springsteen Joins the Roots!


For two songs, at least: The Boss was on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon last night, promoting his Darkness on the Edge of Town–rarities boxed set The Promise, and Jimmy was gracious enough to let him jam with the Roots for double the standard talk-show musical guest song allotment. (Bruce also hit the couch for an extended interview, which was preceded by Fallon introducing him as “one of the greatest American rock icons of all time,” which sounds like Fallon is gauging his greatness only relative to other American rock icons, which is weird. You can catch more interview highlights in our late-night video roundup.) Springsteen and the gang did “Because the Night” — a song Bruce gifted to Patti Smith during the Darkness sessions and that she may not appreciate him taking back after all these years — and “Save My Love,” which you may recall from the vintage, shirtless rehearsal footage Vulture premiered last week. Bruce is a little bulkier during this rendition, but he also is more backed-by-Questlove, so it all evens out. [ArtsBeat/NYT]