Cher Will Never Forget Barbra Streisand’s Subpar Workout Technique


Cher sat down with the New York Times' Frank Bruni to discuss Burlesque and revealed a number of other fun facts about herself. (1) She met her last boyfriend, a comedian, on Facebook. She started messaging him after she noticed his funny wall postings. Maybe Cher is reading your funny wall posts, too! (But probably not.) (2) She disdains Barbra Streisand's workout habits, years later: "When she flashed back to a favorite exercise class in Beverly Hills decades ago, the fellow crunchers and squatters were Raquel Welch, Ali MacGraw and, to a more limited and grudging extent, Barbra Streisand, who “would go over, do two little things, and then walk around and talk,” Cher said." (3) "Her most trusted adviser" David Geffen insisted she make Burlesque. Just so we all know who to blame, if need be. [NYT]