Christopher Nolan Is Confused by Your Dumb Inception Theories


Wired has gotten Christopher Nolan to open up about some of the fan theories regarding his twisty Inception — if by "open up," you mean, "purse his lips in judgment of your foolishness." So, do Dom and Saito both stay in limbo at the end of the film? "Uh ... that's not how I would have read the movie," says Nolan. Sure, but is the premise of Inception really a secret metaphor for moviemaking? "I wouldn't say that I tried to use the grammar of the film to tell the audience what is dream and what is reality." Okay then ... how about the kids at the end of the movie? They're the same age and wearing the same clothes as they are in the flashback, so it's definitely a dream, right? "The kids are not wearing the same clothes at the end! And they do age! We were working with two sets of kids." Because of your wackadoo theories, Christopher Nolan was just declared "very frustrated" by three different psychiatrists. [Collider]