Get an Early Look at Community’s Christmas-Episode Stop-motion Alter Egos


So far this season, Community has served up episodes featuring a fake KFC-branded space capsule, a mischievous pen-stealing monkey, a magical trampoline, zombie-making taco meat, and the Taj Mahal of blanket forts. So what's left? How about December 9's stop-motion-style musical Christmas episode featuring all your favorite Greendale-ians looking like they've just come back from a party with Frosty, Rudolph, and the Heat Miser? Community creator Dan Harmon teases the plot: "Abed wants to know what the meaning of Christmas is for a very specific reason, and the characters have to help him find out or Abed may be kicked out of Greendale." The writer calls the half-hour "an unflinching look at Abed's imagination," in which the main characters are visualized in a way that reflects how Abed really views them. Vulture can now give you an early glimpse into the mind of Abed with this advanced look at the cast's Rankin-Bass incarnations. (Starting Tuesday, you can go to to download special Twitter- and Facebook-size versions, just in case you're finally ready to dump Harry Potter for a cooler avatar.)