Vulture’s Conan O’Brien Anticipation Index


Conan's back! That's right: After months of dramatic upheaval and devious machinations and general backstabbing, Conan O'Brien returns to televised comedy tonight at 11 p.m. You are, of course, foaming at the mouth with anticipatory excitement. But which parts of Conan's beloved shtick should you be the most foaming at the mouth with anticipatory excitement about? Vulture's got you covered. We broke down Conan's oeuvre into its fundamental categories (monologue, characters, Abe Vigoda jokes, etc.) and ranked them from least to most enthusiasm inciting. Convenient, right? By the way, if Conan's first show is half as good as the satirical op-ed he wrote for the Times before his first-ever show ("Mr. O'Brien tried to converse briefly with his sidekick, an elderly Irish priest. But the old man seemed confused, and despite constant goading from Mr. O'Brien, sat in stony silence"), we'll be in for a treat.