Cowboys & Aliens Trailer: Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford Go Gunslinging


It's the newest trend in moviemaking: Reinvigorate one moribund genre by mashing it up with another. Still, before Pride and Prejudice and Zombies director Mike White has his shot at mixing Jane Austen costume drama with the flesh-eating undead, Jon Favreau has beaten him to the punch with Cowboys & Aliens, a Western where the taciturn heroes team up to take out extraterrestrials, not Native Americans. If the poster sold a lot of Daniel Craig's backside (which some of you didn't mind at all, clearly), the new trailer gives the rest of him plenty more to do; most of the action depends on his face, craggy and hard, and his wrist, encircled by a high-tech bracelet that proves useful for shooting down aggressive UFOs. Toss in Harrison Ford (ornery) and Olivia Wilde (comely), and Favreau may have found something unique enough to survive summer 2011's impending bloodbath.