Das Racist Take a Trip to the Zoo


The freshly New Yorker–approved Das Racist, busying themselves since the release of their excellent mixtape Sit Down, Man by touring the world, popped up this week on a track from Keepaway, a Brooklyn indie-psych trio. We suggest you check it out, for multiple reasons: Keepaway's woozy, layered beat makes excellent use of Sharper Image CD–esque nature sounds; the track partially involves a tiff breaking out because Victor didn't invite Himanshu to the zoo (“You know I like the zoo too,” “you can come to the zoo too / we can look at giraffes and kangaroos too”); it reminded us of that time Raekwon visited the zoo; and it includes the phrase “a yo, this rap shit is boring." There's also Himansu's track-ending ad-lib: “Ohhhh, violence. Violencia! I might be prone to smack a dude, occasionally. I like books and shit too, but that doesn't mean ... Smart and funny. Smart and funny. Smart and funny. And violent.” Is that the mission statement?