David Cross on Moving Back to LA to Shoot Arrested Development

I had just fucking moved to New York after being in L.A. for nine years and spending every minute of those nine years going, “Okay, when can I get out of here?” I just knew, “If I don’t leave now, I’ll start working on something else again, and I’ll never get out of here.” So I packed up a moving van and moved to New York … I can’t remember how long I was here before I got the call — maybe a year, having a blast, and loving it, loving it. But it’s a good thing I did get work because I wonder, in a very real sense, not a dramatic maudlin sense, if I would have survived. I was really burning the candle at both ends. So the idea that there was this character who was recurring was very attractive to me. And I loved the character. When I was shooting the first episode after the pilot, I remember calling my girlfriend and going, “I’m so sorry. I think I have to stay and do this show full-time because it’s really something special.”