Diddy Seems Confused About How SNL Works


Diddy, who is performing with Dirty Money on SNL on December 4th, would like to do a sketch with De Niro during the episode. Fair enough! But he seems to be under the impression that he needs some sort of huge Twitter campaign to make it happen.

Hey, Diddy. You know how you do a sketch with De Niro? You ask Lorne Michaels when you get to 30 Rock earlier that week, possibly over champagne and caviar in his office. This isn’t like trying to get Tony Danza or some other ironic celebrity to host the show via some wrongheaded Facebook campaign. You are already on the show, dude! Just go to the writers room and tell them what you want! There’s enough weirdo dissonance with you performing on the show with De Niro that it’s not too much of a leap to put you in a sketch together. Save the crowdsourcing for something less probable, like getting young people to vote.