Donald Glover Performs at Vulture’s West Coast Launch Party


Last night in Los Angeles, Vulture employees, celebrities, and Hollywood types gathered at Soho House in celebration of this blog's recent spinoff into a standalone site. The evening's entertainment came courtesy of comedian and Community star Donald Glover, who seemed genuinely excited to be there: "If you’re gonna sell out and do a corporate gig, you do it for something cool," he told us. "Not adult diapers."

Glover touched on many topics as he spoke to the crowd, including one that Vulture covered in-depth: this summer’s campaign to get him cast as Spider-Man, when some dissenters wrote that he should be playing a black hero, like Shaft. "They kept bringing up Shaft like that was the black Spider-Man,” he said. “It’s not. He has no superpowers whatsoever. He’s just a black guy. White guys get this dude who swings from building to building and saves people. Black guys, you get this dude who slaps women sometimes. That was the compromise. You couldn’t have a Shaft ride at Universal Studios. It’d be like they put you in a car with five women mannequins and you slap them all.”

Another highlight: his dissection of the Tiger Woods affair. "People were surprised by an athlete cheating. I don’t understand at all. That’s like their second job. You gotta know what you are getting into when you marry a guy like Tiger Woods. He’s the best golf player in the world. He has a high IQ. He’s good-looking and he’s always on the road away from you. When you marry a guy like Tiger Woods and you don’t think he’s having sex with other women, you’re basically saying, ‘My vagina is the Tiger Woods of vaginas.’ And no vagina is that good. No vagina is that beautiful. I don’t care if your vagina wrote the fourth season of The Wire.”