Drake Has Now Reconnected With Lil Wayne


That didn't take long: Weezy made a surprise appearance at the Drake concert in Las Vegas last night, storming the stage midway through "Miss Me." It was Wayne's first time onstage since being released from jail last week. He said: "I was gone till November, but I didn't trip 'cause I knew [Drake] was gonna get 'em. I'm fresh home from my vacation and ain't nothing, nothing, nothing like home." Wayne left after the song ended. And someone did call Nicki to check on Weezy, and Minaj said, "He's doing well, he's in great spirits. He's always upbeat. As he was in jail, he wasn't on [my upcoming album] Pink Friday. So I will definitely want to get his little butt in the studio to do a remix right away." She added that the two will be reacquainted in person today: "I just can't wait to ... hug him and stuff." And all is well in the Young Money family. [MTV]