Emily Blunt to Be Offered Five-Year Engagement With Jason Segel


Our spies tell us that Emily Blunt will soon get an offer to star opposite Jason Segel in director Nicholas Stoller’s new relationship comedy, Five-Year Engagement, with Judd Apatow producing at Universal. Normally, this blog wouldn’t put too much stock in a role merely being “about to be offered”; after all, Stoller and Segel had previously offered Blunt the part of Jackie Q in another of their Universal comedies, Get Him to the Greek.

But as our spies point out, the reason that deal didn't happen was only because 20th Century Fox still had an option on Blunt left over from her turn in The Devil Wear Prada, and had conscripted her into the forthcoming Gulliver’s Travels (which Stoller also wrote) . As such, Blunt was forced to drop out of Get Him to the Greek, and the role of scandal-plagued chanteuse was handed to Rose Byrne instead.

Now that Blunt is free and clear of Fox's legal clutches, we’re told that a collaboration with Mssrs. Stoller Segel and Apatow likely isn’t too far off.