Every Day Trailer: Liev Schreiber Gets Bored of His Basically Satisfying Life


“It’s hard, isn’t it? Parents, children, being married,” Helen Hunt says to Liev Schreiber halfway through the trailer for Every Day. Well, unfortunately, it doesn’t really look all that hard. Hunt and Schreiber play a couple who have been married for nineteen years and live with their two children and her father (Brian Dennehy) in the sort of comfortable domesticity movies have taught us brings about midlife crisis. In this case, the crisis is Schreiber’s alluring, more fun co-worker, played by Carla Gugino, who we assume will just eventually make him realize how much he loves his family, even if they are a lot of work sometimes. The trailer is polished; the actors are likable (Eddie Izzard is Schreiber's boss); there will probably be some nicely realized scene of domestic hubbub, and even some tear-jerking speeches, but you've seen all of it before .