GLAAD Dings Glee for Using the Word ‘Tranny’


The Dilemma has caught a lot of flack for its now-notorious gay joke, but even a putatively queer-positive show like Glee isn't immune to controversy. GLAAD is criticizing the series for its Rocky Horror episode, which saw Mike Chang backing out of the Frank-N-Furter part because his parents didn't want him "dressing up like a tranny." "Unfortunately the larger problem here is that the word “tra**y” has become an easy punch line in popular culture, and many still don’t realize that using the term is hurtful, dehumanizing and associated with violence, hatred and derision," wrote GLAAD's Matt Kane, who also dinged How I Met Your Mother for using the word while acknowledging that it is often tossed around by gay reality stars (including, most famously, Project Runway winner Christian Siriano). [GLAAD]