Green Lantern Trailer: Ryan Reynolds Flies High (Though He’s Already Super Between the Sheets)


Hope you're not sick of superheroes yet: The full trailer just dropped for Green Lantern, and it's a clever bait and switch. The opening minute of the trailer seems to be selling a romantic comedy where hot-shot pilot Ryan Reynolds is constantly taking off his clothes with beauties including (but not limited to) a brunette Blake Lively, and then he stumbles upon a dying alien, we get the DC Comics logo, and all sorts of comic-book shenanigans ensue. And boy, do we mean comic-book: After countless superhero movies that tried to make the source material gritty or semi-realistic, Green Lantern embraces its fantastical origins with gusto, giving us cartoonish aliens and a giant, huge-headed Peter Sarsgaard as the villainous Hector Hammond. Over-the-top? The Green Lantern's flying so high over the top you can barely glimpse his green swoosh, but he's just in time: Maybe superhero movies can finally shake off their grim makeovers and be fun again.