Gwyneth Paltrow Sings Pretty Well in Public


Gwyneth Paltrow performed “Country Strong,” the single from her forthcoming movie Country Strong, live at the Country Music Awards last night. And she wasn't bad! (Ouch. You know, that hurts a little bit to say.) Vince Gill backed Gwyneth on the chorus, but she held her own, staying on pitch and generally sounding like someone who can carry a tune, which is more than can be said for any number of people who professionally identify as "singers." Paltrow was a bit breathy — maybe trainer Tracey Anderson can have her do some lung-strength exercises to go with the insanely-skinny-legs workout? — and went into a blinking fit during one of her close-ups, but those are small kinks we're sure she'll have ironed out by the time she performs this song at the Oscars. (Best Original Song, watch out!) One key element, however, was missing from the performance: the dramatic arm raise. Next time, please!