Gwyneth Paltrow Sings Cee Lo on Glee and It’s Undeniably Great


This is the video of Gwyneth Paltrow performing Cee Lo’s "Forget You" on next week's Glee. There is no way to sugarcoat this: It is great. The silliest! The cheesiest! The most cornball-dance-move-iest! The how many faces can one person pull in less than three minutes-iest! But also, it is the best-iest. Over the next few months we may have occasion to recategorize this period as just a blip, but the last two days have laid a solid foundation for the Gwyneth Paltrow personality-redemption tower. Even haters should find something to enjoy here, as the whole thing is so intentionally goofy that laughing at it (as opposed to with it) should also be highly pleasurable. Some of the many things to enjoy in this here video: Gwyneth doing the robot (not that well); Gwyneth making faces including but not limited to the scrunchy nose face, sneery eye face, the "step off my man" face, the “whuh?" face,” the "oh giirrrl!" face; Gwyneth doing the "Why!" part of the song all full drama queen while showing off her tonsils; the excitable, amateurish dance moves happening throughout; the soft-shoe with Kurt; the sibilant "shh" of "ain't that some shhhh ... " Best of all, when the song is over, Paltrow flashes devil horns and says nonsensically and in a bad Spanish accent, "Let's go get some tacos!" Aw, Gwynnie, we know you don't eat tacos! But this one time, we don't mind letting you pretend. [EW]