In the Studio With Kanye West: iPhone Singing, Impromptu Choreography


The gushing stream of entertaining material from Mr. Kanye West, musical or otherwise, that Vulture has enjoyed so much over the last few months has slowed considerably now that the album has dropped, but there's still some good stuff to be found. Like this video, for example, of Kanye in the studio with collaborators Mos Def and Charlie Wilson. Just like Uncle Charlie told us, everyone is suited and booted and totally having a great, productive, professional time. The second-best part is when Kanye flexes his not-at-all-terrible natural singing voice by recording the hook to a future smash hit into his iPhone. The best part is when Mos Def slides into the room and lets everyone know that “Imma make the ill dance, I'll have everybody doing it,” and then breaks out into a complicated multi-part routine. Okay, who else has secret video of these sessions? [RR]