Industry Roundup: Sweet Adaline?


Sweet Adaline: The Katherine Heigl vehicle Adaline found a domestic distributor in Summit Entertainment. The romantic drama is slated to come out in 2012; the story of a “beautiful woman who hasn’t aged for 100 years” and “meets a man who may risk his life to help her regain her mortality” will be directed by Andy Tennant. Once again, Heigl and her manager mom are executive producing. [HR]

What's My Mantra? Jeff Lowell, who wrote and produced ye olde Michael J. FoxCharlie Sheen sitcom Spin City, is developing a new one for NBC. It will be "a romantic comedy about a couple from the point of view of the man and the woman whose unspoken thoughts we can hear via voiceover." Or, as Lowell put it, "It's a little bit like the balcony scene from Annie Hall." [Deadline]