James Blunt Is the Reason You’re Not Speaking Russian Right Now


James Blunt has opened up to the BBC about a particular incident during his pre-music-career service as a British soldier in Kosovo, and it turns out James is as good at preventing World War III as he is at crafting massively popular saccharine pop songs. The story goes: in 1999, while leading a NATO unit, Blunt was ordered by U.S. General Wesley Clark to seize an airfield held by Russian troops — but refused, fearing the dastardly consequences of the unwarranted aggression. Blunt was then backed up by his commanding officer, General Mike Jackson, who, according to the popular pop-rock singer, said, "I'm not going to have my soldiers be responsible for starting World War III." Later, everyone chilled out and the danger was averted. Well, then: You now have two things to thank James Blunt for. [BBC]