Jennifer Grey Will Beat Bristol Palin If She Has to Use Dirty Dancing Nostalgia to Do It


Last night was the penultimate of this latest round of Dancing With the Stars. The final three, Jennifer Grey, Bristol Palin, and Kyle Massey (who, yup, no one remembers is still on the show), faced off for the last time, with the winner to be announced tonight. Based solely on the dancing, Grey deserves to win, and has pretty much from the start of the season, but, alas, it's not based solely on the dancing. Palin has already outlasted far better dancers than herself and has a rock-solid contingent of voters. So, in a final attempt to put herself over the top, Grey went straight for the Dirty Dancing nostalgia jugular. No, it's not "I Had (the Time of My Life)," but it is "Do You Love Me," the song from early in Dirty Dancing when Swayze first shows off his moves and Baby's lugging around a watermelon. See, Bristol: No one puts Jennifer Grey in a corner!

And here's the original, just because.