Jon Hamm Continues His ‘I’m Funny!’ Campaign With Another Cameo


If Jon Hamm has anything to say about it, he's not going to get typecast as some handsome, serious, talented, suit-wearing fella who looks all purty with his hair slicked back. Oh hells no! Because Jon Hamm is also a funny guy, and if you didn't already know that from his third Saturday Night Live gig, the Emmy opener, the Conan opener, 30 Rock's live episode, this Masterpiece Theater spoof, or his recurring appearances on the Comedy Death Ray podcasts, well, then you should watch this clip from Sunday night's season finale of Children's Hospital, an allegedly "live" event that the cast members kept "screwing up." In the episode's final minutes, Malin Akerman confesses that she's not who she seems to be. Tearing off a mask she reveals herself to actually be ... Jon Hamm! (Well, really a weirdly accented character called Derek Childrens, but one played by Jon Hamm!) Anyway, as with most Hamm performances, it is funny.