Joss Whedon, Fox Had the First Crack at Buffy Reboot


Joss Whedon, beloved director of the Buffy TV series, recently said he "doesn't love the idea" that Warner Bros. is rebooting the Buffy movie. Maybe that's why he passed on the opportunity to work on it himself: "He was approached last year after Fran Rubel Kuzui and husband Kaz Kuzui began developing a remake, but after presented with the opportunity, Whedon decided he'd rather work on other projects." Producers then searched for a different writer, and ended up with actress turned scribe Whit Anderson. Fox, distributor of the 1992 film, passed on this one also, so Warner Bros. grabbed it. Perhaps Whedon and Fox didn't want to ruin the Buffy legacy, but ... sigh. That would-a been promising. [Heatvision/HR]