Julia Stiles Says ‘Splooge’ for Charity


On Dexter, Julia Stiles leaves most of the swearing to co-star Jennifer Carpenter. But at the American Airlines Theater last night for the 24 Hour Plays — an annual charity event in which a half-dozen plays are written and performed in the span of a single day — "I got to curse my face off — it felt great!" she told us. In her play, Stiles took on the role of a superhero whose special power was the ability to swear for minutes at a time. Though most of her lines were scripted ("It was like learning the fucking Shakespeare of expletives," she said), there was room for some improv: "I did add 'cuntacula,'" she told us proudly, at the after-party at B.B King Blues Club. Her favorite swear of the night? "'Spill your hot splooge,'" she said. "The alliteration is just so beautiful. I think my English professors at Columbia would appreciate that. I’ve never even said the word 'splooge' until tonight."