Just Go With It Trailer; or Adam Sandler Is Not a Catch


In Just Go With It, Adam Sandler plays a plastic surgeon who is an asshole. Sure, he's supposed to be a nice, likable, loserish guy, but since his preferred pick-up method is to wear a wedding ring — cause, you know, nothing gets the ladies hot for you like the opportunity to commit adultery — we can safely classify this as another happy rom-com device that is actually cruel and horrible. Inevitably, this total catch of a man meets a woman he likes: Surprise, surprise, she looks like a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model (she's played by Brooklyn Decker, who is one in real life). Due to a series of totally predictable misunderstandings — he can't tell her he picks up women by pretending to be married, because she'll realize he's an asshole, so, instead, he has to pretend to be getting divorced — he drafts his assistant, played by Jennifer Aniston (who really, really, really needs to hire someone else to pick her movies for her) to play his ex, eventually roping her kids into the scheme as well. It is plain to see where all of this is going: Sandler will eventually realize Aniston, not the model, is the girl for him. But, magically, the trailer is apparently as averse to showing Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler making out, or even getting vaguely romantical, as we are to seeing it. So at least it has that going for it.