Kanye and The xx Restart Gil Scott-Heron’s Comeback


As has been previously noted, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy's "Lost in the World" and “Who Will Survive in America” lift segments whole from Gil Scott-Heron's 1970 track “Comment #1.” It's not the first time Kanye's sampled Scott-Heron: Late Registration's “My Way Home” borrows generously from Scott-Heron's “Home Is Where the Hatred Is,” and Kanye may have well utilized Scott-Heron on beats for other artists without our knowledge. But seeing as MBDTF has been recently wholeheartedly embraced by all living people on earth, it stands to reason that Scott-Heron would be due to catch some reflected shine this time around. Aiding the process is the just-announced team-up between Gil and The xx's Jamie Smith, a.k.a. the guy who plays with the drum machine onstage (he is also, it should be noted, the band's producer). We're New Here, out in February, reworks thirteen songs from Scott-Heron's 2010 album I'm New Here, including “New York Is Killing Me,” available in its new form right now. Anyone who is familiar with Scott-Heron's drug addiction and money issues and, therefore, theoretically rooting for Heron to stage a proper comeback — along with anyone who enjoys paranoiac, bass-heavy jams — should get a kick out it. [Pitchfork]