Last Night on Late Night: Conan’s Audience Boos Justin Bieber’s AMA Win


Conan O'Brien's attempt at making a joke about Justin Bieber's big night at the AMAs was cut short by his audience as they revolted with a unison of boos at the mere mention of the teenybopper's name, prompting a surprised O'Brien to cut the joke and ask, "What is wrong with you people?!" Thankfully, Conan did a quick impression of the follicly blessed pop star, thus taming the savage crowd. Over on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, La Bête's David Hyde Pierce described the scene of confused diners who witnessed his recent supper with Kelsey Grammer downtown, and David Letterman tells Black Swan star Natalie Portman that he can't imagine her getting beaten by any of those "losers" she'll almost certainly be competing with for an Oscar this year. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.