Last Night on Late Night: Jake Gyllenhaal Says Sex Scenes With Anne Hathaway Are ‘Like Football’


Late Show host David Letterman seemed to be very interested in all the nakedness going on in Jake Gyllenhaal's new movie with Anne Hathaway, so Gyllenhaal indulged his host by determining that he and Hathaway spent more than half of the filming without their clothes on and described their thoroughly rehearsed sex scenes with a football metaphor so crude, it even offended Letterman's band. On the Tonight Show, Jay Leno predictably brought up Christina Aguilera's now-defunct body piercings but decided to take things to another level of awkwardness by dragging her son and his fascination with the Burlesque star's missing labret pincher into the conversation, and on The Daily Show, Jon Stewart thanks Jay-Z and his rap brethren for taking some of the heat off his people. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.