Last Night on Late Night: Nelly Gifts Chelsea Handler and 50 Cent a Sex Swing


Last night on Chelsea Lately, rapper slash workout instructor Nelly ribbed host Chelsea Handler about her "friendship" with 50 Cent by gifting them a sex swing on wheels. Handler joked, "If I wasn't friends with him before, we're gonna be friends after that." Up next, Jim Carrey undresses David Letterman with his eyes while Paul Shaffer tickles the ivories with some Lady Gaga, on The Late Show, and George W. Bush delivers his writer's mediocre jokes expertly enough to get some nice laughs from the Tonight Show audience. Wrapping things up, we bring you almost two minutes of Jeff Goldblum and Craig Ferguson being endearingly weird, the way only they can, on The Late Late Show. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.