Last Night on Late Night: Robert Downey Jr.’s Advice for Charlie Sheen


Last night on The Late Show, Robert Downey Jr. did his best to avoid David Letterman's request that the former party animal offer some words of wisdom to troubled TV star Charlie Sheen, but eventually offered up a tip — don't get arrested — before admitting that it probably would have been fun to have been at the Plaza on that wild night with Sheen. Up Next, Chelsea Handler opines on Martin Sheen's questionable plans to move Charlie to the historically sober shores of Ireland, and Will Ferrell complains to Jimmy Kimmel about Justin Bieber's ability to steal the spotlight from him at his own movie premiere. Last but not least, on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Jonah Hill reveals how his sad love life got worse after being broken up with over the phone while wearing a muumuu. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.