Last Night Trailer: When Beautiful People Consider Cheating


In Last Night, Sam Worthington takes a break from no-risk action franchises to play the nice-looking husband of the nice-looking Keira Knightley. One fateful evening these two nice-looking, not-so-happy people are faced with temptation in the form of the nice-looking Eva Mendes, Worthington's co-worker, and the nice-looking Guillaume Canet, Knightley's old boyfriend. Will the nice-looking couple succumb to the nice-looking single people, or can they all make it to sunrise unadulterously? Will the played out “one night, but only one night, can change your life” format preclude you from caring? At least if you close your eyes — you won't be missing anything, there's no smooching — you can listen to four different English accents (British, Australian, American, French) harmonize soothingly.