Liam Gallagher’s First Post-Oasis Song Is Here


Forgot all about this, didn't you? Well, here's a pleasant manner by which to remind yourself: “Bring the Light,” the first single from Beady Eye — the band Liam Gallagher formed with a few former members of Oasis after the split but, obviously, not the one he's related to — was released this morning on the band's official site. Not to get ahead of ourselves or toot our own horns, but this isn't bad at all! Heavy on the piano, succinctly rocking, and admirably casual for a debut single, it's an all-around pleasant surprise (also: Liam's doing something different with his voice, right?). Now here's the upshot: Noel hasn't announced any concrete plans for his post-Oasis project. Will hearing “Bring the Light” effectively throw down the gauntlet, inspiring him to put together a quickie album just so he can sneeringly drop it on the same day as Beady Eye's debut? Please?