Lil Wayne Is Already Back to Giving Fiery Performances While Shirtless


Vulture previously directed your attention to Lil Wayne's surprise appearance at Drake's Las Vegas show Saturday night — his first post-jail music performance — and now here is the video. The sound quality's not great, but that just adds to the effect: All that piercing, maniacal shrieking when Wayne pops out during "Miss Me" sounds even more piercing and maniacal when the audio is unintentionally distorted. It's nice to see Wayne get the warm reception he deserves, and it's even nicer to see he's still just as much of a live wire after his time in the bing; all that shirtless running around and perfect crowd manipulation suggest he won't have to do too much rounding into shape. That said, he seems to be wisely pacing himself, leaving the stage after his verse and not coming out to do any of Drake's and his many other collaborations. Wayne's proper comeback performance — a full arena concert, hopefully within driving range of wherever you live — is still to come, and we can't wait.