Lil Wayne’s First Post-Prison Song Is Here


With two verses on the remix to Birdman's “Fire Flame (Remix),” released last night, Lil Wayne has officially marked his return to the world of recorded music only eleven days after completing his sentence. One could have expected as much: Wayne was supposedly recording immediately after getting out, so the quick turnaround's not a surprise, and since there won't be a full album to plug for a while (but probably not that long of a while), jumping on a remix rather than releasing a polished single makes sense. Some of us might think, after so much turmoil, that Lil Wayne deserves a little rest and relaxation before reentering the spotlight. But the dude never stopped moving even before Rikers, and all that time cooped up has surely made him more perma-antsy. Most likely, this will not be a perfectly scripted return: As Wayne works himself into shape, there will be underwhelming guest verses and more questionable genre exercises and general overexposure. But Wayne's initial rise to stardom was messy — there's no reason his return to it shouldn't be as well. Anyway: The musical comeback starts here.