Lou Reed Apologizes to Susan Boyle by Directing Her Music Video


Well, this is odd. After being wrongfully credited with holding up Susan Boyle's performance of his song “Perfect Day” on America's Got Talent, Lou Reed apparently has gone far enough in mending his relationship with the Pride of Scotland that he directed her music video for “Perfect Day.” How does this kind of thing even happen? Like, who's calling who? And when these people are making these phone calls, do they know they'll be leaving an onslaught of flabbergasted blog posts in their wake, or are the decision makers so entrenched in that rarefied elite music industry air that they're just having conversations like, "Hey, Lou wants to do SuBo's music video. Let's make it happen”? Anyway, it's Reed's second directorial effort, after a documentary short about his cousin, Red Shirley, and the video is certainly professionally executed. Basically, he plays it straight, with lots of epic helicopter shots of scenery and Boyle stretching her arms out dramatically while singing lines like “Feed animals in the zoo / then maybe a movie too / and then home.” You know, Lou, now would be a great time for you to start saying "Actually, yeah, it is about heroin." [Movieline]