Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Pink Floyd, and Other Bands Whose Shelved Albums Remain Secret


This week’s release of Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys — the latest album from apocalyptic punks My Chemical Romance — marks the band’s return to record stores after a nearly four-year absence. That hold-up is owed not only to the countless hours the band members must have spent watching Solarbabies, but also to their decision to scrap an early version of the album at the eleventh hour. That means there’s an unheard MCR record sitting in the vaults, out of the reach of fans and bootleggers. But can it remain hidden forever? While, thanks to the Internet, dozens of never-meant-to-be-heard oddities — from Mick Jagger’s unreleased early-‘90s blues album to Prince’s classic Dream Factory — are now easy to track down, a small handful of buried works remain stubbornly uncovered. Will MCR join Green Day, Supergrass, and others in successfully keeping their songs to themselves? Let's check out the short list of secret shelved albums, and the odds that they'll ever be heard.